Vary S. Fischer


Practitioner Bio

Education and Experience of Vary Fischer

I have long been a registered nurse. My belief that education should never end, but be a life-long adventure, is manifested in my continual seeking of further knowledge.

Formal college degrees have always been a means to an end for me, not a matter of prestige. I worked in the insurance industry as a clerk/legal secretary when I finished high school—but found that I desired to work more closely with people and their personal needs. My Associate Degree is in Applied Sciences (Nursing). While working in clinical nursing, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Madonna University and followed that with a Master of Science Degree in Education from Indiana University. (My initial registered nursing license was in Michigan. I have received reciprocity in many states and am currently a registered nurse in Maine.)

As my career unfolded, I also earned several professional certificates/certifications. I was a certified childbirth educator through the Lamaze Association of Greater Detroit. I hold lifetime-teacher certification through the Minnesota Department of Education. My long-term care administration classes, which led to state licensure, were earned at the University of Minnesota and Mankato State University (now incorporated into University of Minnesota). The certification for legal nurse consulting was earned at the Vickie Milazzo Institute. I was awarded a certificate from IFSCA (Internal Family Systems Counselling Association) upon completion of their comprehensive course in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and have completed the Level 1 IFS program at the IFS Institute in the United States. Acquisition of these certificates/certifications provided specific skills needed to practice in chosen areas of expertise, and enrich IFS sessions with Vary.

Professional clinical experience includes:     
• Clinical nursing positions in acute care settings caring for physical, emotional, and mental challenges with which my patients presented.  (This included: medical/surgical patients in Orthopedics, Step-Down ICU, Gynecology, ER, General Stay; psychiatric patients in Mental Health; Obstetrical care to mothers and babies in Delivery, Postpartum, and Newborn Nursery; and riding as an ambulance attendant.)
• Long-term care in nursing homes, and continuum of care campuses.  (This included as a nursing assistant, the caregiving nurse, the director of nursing, and the administrator of the facility.)
• IFS Practitioner for people seeking to learn and understand their parts.  (This includes parts which affect thoughts, emotions, feelings, physical sensations, impulses being experienced; and responses, behaviors, and life choices that are made.)

I am married with two grown daughters and one granddaughter. My family forms the nucleus of my world and provides the loving foundation I need to continue my journey forward on my chosen professional path.

Practitioner Education

Psychology & IFS Education of Vary Fischer

My post-secondary education as discussed above focused on nursing with an A.D.N., B.S.N., and M.S.Ed.

In conjunction with the study of nursing, I always included the study of  psychology. I have taken nine different classes in psychology which totals 26 credit hours (plus clinical psychiatric nursing). These included:
• Introduction to Psychology
• Child Development (two different classes)
• Adolescent Development
• Applied Psychology
• Psychology in Teaching
• Introduction to Counseling
• Human Behavior—Leadership
• Human Behavior—Attitudes
* In addition to this, I completed a Psychiatric Nursing class that incorporated theory and clinical rotation – encompassing many more hours than classroom-only education.

I was introduced to Internal Family Systems (IFS) through Bright Line Eating with the Bright Line Freedom class. Desiring a deeper understanding of IFS, I sought out the IFS Institute and other educational entities where I have completed the following classes:
      IFS Institute —

     • IFS Circle
     • IFS Continuity Program
     • A Compassionate Approach to Trauma and Addictive processes
     • Trailheads to Transformation: Harvesting Resources from the Unburdened System
     • Bringing IFS-Informed Practice to Groups
     • The Art of Negotiation in IFS Sessions—Challenging Protectors & Workable Agreements
     • IFS Perspectives on Individuals with Autism and their families
     • Introduction to Somatic IFS—An Embodied Approach to Healing Trauma

Level 1 IFS Training Program

Annual IFS Conference 2022: Indigenous Inspired IFS, Using IFS in Facilitating Groups, Befriending Extreme Protectors, IFS in Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Applying IFS to Interpersonal & Systemic Transformation Work, Navigating Trauma using IFS, IFS in Dispute Resolution, Rural-Multicultural Perspective: Shaped by Landscape along the Colorado Plateau, IFS use in Addictive Processes.

      Other IFS classes I have taken include

     • Jay Earley/Bonnie Weiss Classes
        –Beyond Eating Webinar
        –Understanding Your Behavior & Feelings Related to Eating
        –Self-Therapy Journey: The Angry Pattern
        –IFS Basic Course
        –IFS Exiles Course
        –IFS Inner Champion—Inner Critic Course

     • IFSCA—Derek Scott
        –Stepping Stone: 16-Week Comprehensive IFS Course

*This list does not include webinars and lecture done outside of a formal class setting.

The Practice

Level 2 Trained IFS Practitioner—Vary Fischer

I am an RN who works as a Level 2 Trained IFS Practitioner and understands that in-depth knowledge and education on a continuing basis are absolutes which allow for delivery of high-quality, skillfully-honed sessions. I therefore am a “graduate” of the IFSCA (Internal Family Systems Counseling Association) with a certificate of completion. I have also completed Level 2 training with the IFS Institute in IFS education.

The field of Internal Family Systems is specialized and dynamic. Attaining these certificates in this field, and continuing to update knowledge periodically, is an attestation to my ethics and promise that in serving as a Level 1 Trained IFS Practitioner, I will always uphold quality practice and conduct distinctly professional, but warm and loving sessions.

I have access to resources and services that are outstanding. I use authoritative textbooks for research from nursing, medical, and psychological disciplines; access a listing of thousands of consulting experts for networking and referrals; have access to leaders in the field and state-of-the-art organizations for continuing education; and have availability for mentoring from the leading IFS consultants in the nation. I have shown an understanding of the IFS process, theories, personal application, and session construction with pleasing responses from my clients. I have demonstrated the ability to apply knowledge of the basic sciences to my practice as a Level 2 Trained IFS Practitioner; drawing on my vast nursing background to help clients understand the relationship between emotional / mental struggles and physical manifestations.

My work shows a strong ability to put you, the client, at ease; helps you understand and be comfortable with the process; guides you to access your inner parts; detects parts that are present and confirms this with you; and assesses your progress. I do not go forward at any step of the process without verbal consent from you. You are an active part of the entire process.

As a Level 2 Trained Practitioner who is an RN, I offer a unique blend of traditional medical/nursing insight consisting of extensive knowledge of health, illness, and injury; as well as a comprehensive study of the IFS model and valuable psychological work on accessing inner parts.  This provides a resourceful way to consider emotional issues that have come to light in the client’s life, and bolsters their sessions.  It allows me to guide you to the place you may have become stuck.

I am ever cognizant of the fact that I represent both the nursing profession and the IFS model—holding both as precious gifts.

Services I offer as a Level 2 Trained IFS Practitioner consultant are “varied”!
• I offer a first meeting / free 15-minute consultation so that you can determine if there appears to be a comfortable compatibility.
• I screen to determine if my services might help you.
• I act as a parts detector with your permission.
• I guide you through sessions, always with Self care in mind.
• I help you access your own parts so you can work to heal wounds and gain a sense of peace.
• I explore with you, rather than being an expert giving directions on what to do and how to do it.
• I assess your information to help determine possible directions to take in sessions.
• I educate about the nuances and details of IFS as appropriate.
• I organize and present information so you can understand and use it.
• If there is need for referral to a specialist, I can make that recommendation to you.
*Please note: This is not an exhaustive list, just a representation of various services offered.

With me, nursing is the heart of IFS: I conduct IFS sessions based on my philosophy: “IFS is the natural approach to life’s emotional / mental struggles!”