Often we read that teens relate better to the “grandparent” than they do to the “parent.” Vary brings not only the maturity of being one of the “grandparent generation,” but also several skills that teens appreciate, including:

    • The skill of deep listening. When Vary is working with you, all attention is on what you are saying—taking in both your words and your body language. You come away with a sense of having truly been heard.
   • Knowing how to ask the right questions and engage you in meaningful conversation. Vary’s questions are fashioned to allow you to explain the concern rather than use yes/no answers.
   • The technique of goal setting. Approaching concerns in this way helps you see that issues can have resolution. Vary guides you through the SMART method of goal setting—(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). 


In working with Vary, you the adult, find a seasoned registered nurse who understands that feelings and emotions can become jumbled and “messy”—often even causing physical symptoms.  Vary guides you through these challenges—including untangling the jumbled emotions and helping to explore development of new strengths and skills needed to maneuver and thrive in your life.


Vary’s knowledge and ability to work with you, the senior, comes from the many years she served seniors in her nursing career. She has a passion for listening and helping seniors turn inward to find the answers they themselves have developed over their years. Many times Vary has been told that her wisdom is a comfort and her gentle approach a gift to the seniors who seek her out.